Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Joined forces with a Team of Trailer Composers - Demented Sound Mafia

After pitching my trailer composition to a company with a great credentials and placements, I was accepted under the brand name to become a freelance composer and compose music towards film and video game advertisement. The company, Songs To Your Eyes, then invited me to join a brand they have built for the last 8 years. This entity has proven to be a strong force in this trailer composition realm and is often sought out by some of the biggest clientele for their A List titled movies and games. The brand, Demented Sound Mafia, "is a collective of extremely talented Composers & Sound Designers that push the boundaries of today’s Motion Picture Advertising music & sound design."-STYE I have since completed my first album under this team titles "Tribulation Volume 8."
You can hear this and other work from Demented Sound Mafia by clicking THIS SENTENCE.

Far Cry 4- Video Game (Trailer Placement)

This marks my first video game trailer to feature some of my work. Being a lifelong gamer, this was one of my prized placements and something I'm still excited about! Many more to come as my bar has been set higher

Interviewed by the Daily Toreador (Texas Tech University's paper)

Tech student composes, produces music - The Daily Toreador: La Vida I was approached to do an interview with the University's paper. I was honored to have been recognized and hesitated at first, but thought it would be a great way of expressing the fact that "dreams" aren't just that, but can become reality with the work put in. Nothing seems to be far out of reach, and especially if somebody is already doing what you wished/dreamed you could do, that should be held as PROOF that it can be done! This was my first "ink" on my career.
You can Click on the Headline Above to be directed to the Webpage the interview is hosted on via The Daily Toreador.

TV spot (commercial) Placement

About mid 2014, my music was placed in a commercial for a Kohler touchless product (due to the sensitivity/disclosure, I really couldnt give out the exact one) but "touchless" may give a good hint.

Trailer Composition Reel #1

This is the first trailer composition, really full on trailer composition that I put together/composed. This trailer realm had also seemed so far fetched for me since I believed the composers doing it where from another planet due to the sounds they had access to! I used this reel to pitch to the ears of companies and entities in this area of marketing for movie/video game trailers.

Composer Reel #1

This is the first composition that I composed to try and get myself established in this realm. This composition (film/video games/trailers) genre had always been so far fetched in my mind since I was under the impression that I have to be equivalent to composers/musicians in the likes of Mozart and Beethoven just to even be a part of it. This "composition reel" is what I put together to start pitching my work into the ears of this genre. I followed up the video reel with some placements I've landed to show that I have been busy in other areas of the music world.

A quick look back of some placements earned in the TV & Media realm

As of 2013-2014. Busy Busy years....